Куда я попал?
SECURITM это SGRC система, ? автоматизирующая процессы в службах информационной безопасности. SECURITM помогает построить и управлять ИСПДн, КИИ, ГИС, СМИБ/СУИБ, банковскими системами защиты.
А еще SECURITM это место для обмена опытом и наработками для служб безопасности.

CIS Critical Security Controls v8 (The 18 CIS CSC)



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Guideline for a healthy information system v.2.0 (EN):
The information system’s security relies on the security of the weakest link. It is therefore necessary to standardise the management of security policies applying across the entire IT stock of the organization. 

Applying these policies (managing passwords, restricting logins on certain sensitive devices, configuring web browsers, etc.) must be simple and quick for administrators, with a view to facilitate the implementation of counter measures in the event of an IT crisis. 

To do this, the organization may deploy a centralised management tool (for example Active Directory in the Microsoft environment) into which it is possible to include as many IT devices as possible. Workstations and servers are concerned by this measure, which may require upstream harmonization work in matter of hardware and operating systems selection. 

Therefore, hardening policies for the operating system or applications may easily be applied from a central point while favouring the expected responsiveness in the event reconfiguration is required. 
Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents (EN):
Personnel management e.g. ongoing vetting especially for users with privileged access, immediately disable all accounts of departing users, and remind users of their security obligations and penalties.
Relative Security Effectiveness:  Very Good | Potential User Resistance:   High | Upfront Cost:  High | Ongoing Maintenance Cost:  High

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