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SECURITM это SGRC система, ? автоматизирующая процессы в службах информационной безопасности. SECURITM помогает построить и управлять ИСПДн, КИИ, ГИС, СМИБ/СУИБ, банковскими системами защиты.
А еще SECURITM это место для обмена опытом и наработками для служб безопасности.

Phishing for Information:  Целевой фишинг с вложением

Adversaries may send spearphishing messages with a malicious attachment to elicit sensitive information that can be used during targeting. Spearphishing for information is an attempt to trick targets into divulging information, frequently credentials or other actionable information. Spearphishing for information frequently involves social engineering techniques, such as posing as a source with a reason to collect information (ex: Establish Accounts or Compromise Accounts) and/or sending multiple, seemingly urgent messages. All forms of spearphishing are electronically delivered social engineering targeted at a specific individual, company, or industry. In this scenario, adversaries attach a file to the spearphishing email and usually rely upon the recipient populating information then returning the file.(Citation: Sophos Attachment)(Citation: GitHub Phishery) The text of the spearphishing email usually tries to give a plausible reason why the file should be filled-in, such as a request for information from a business associate. Adversaries may also use information from previous reconnaissance efforts (ex: Search Open Websites/Domains or Search Victim-Owned Websites) to craft persuasive and believable lures.

ID: T1598.002
Относится к технике:  T1598
Тактика(-и): Reconnaissance
Платформы: PRE
Источники данных: Application Log: Application Log Content, Network Traffic: Network Traffic Content, Network Traffic: Network Traffic Flow
Версия: 1.1
Дата создания: 02 Oct 2020
Последнее изменение: 15 Apr 2021

Примеры процедур

Название Описание

Dragonfly has used spearphishing with Microsoft Office attachments to enable harvesting of user credentials.(Citation: US-CERT TA18-074A)


Astaroth has been delivered via malicious e-mail attachments.(Citation: Securelist Brazilian Banking Malware July 2020)


Sidewinder has sent e-mails with malicious attachments that lead victims to credential harvesting websites.(Citation: ATT Sidewinder January 2021)(Citation: Rewterz Sidewinder APT April 2020)(Citation: Cyble Sidewinder September 2020)


SideCopy has crafted generic lures for spam campaigns to collect emails and credentials for targeting efforts.(Citation: MalwareBytes SideCopy Dec 2021)


Контрмера Описание
User Training

Train users to be aware of access or manipulation attempts by an adversary to reduce the risk of successful spearphishing, social engineering, and other techniques that involve user interaction.

Software Configuration

Implement configuration changes to software (other than the operating system) to mitigate security risks associated to how the software operates.


Monitor for suspicious email activity, such as numerous accounts receiving messages from a single unusual/unknown sender. Filtering based on DKIM+SPF or header analysis can help detect when the email sender is spoofed.(Citation: Microsoft Anti Spoofing)(Citation: ACSC Email Spoofing)

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УБИ.175 Угроза "фишинга"
Угроза заключается в возможности неправомерного ознакомления нарушителем с защищаемой информацией (в т.ч. идентификации/аутентиф...