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SECURITM это система для корпоративных служб информационной безопасности, которая автоматизирует ключевые процессы управления: контроль соответствия требованиям, управление рисками, учет активов, планирование работ, задачи, технические уязвимости, опросы и т.д.
SECURITM помогает построить и управлять ИСПДн, КИИ, ГИС, СМИБ/СУИБ, банковскими системами защиты.
А еще SECURITM это место для обмена опытом в рамках сообщества служб безопасности.

Disk Wipe:  Удаление содержимого диска

Adversaries may erase the contents of storage devices on specific systems or in large numbers in a network to interrupt availability to system and network resources. Adversaries may partially or completely overwrite the contents of a storage device rendering the data irrecoverable through the storage interface.(Citation: Novetta Blockbuster)(Citation: Novetta Blockbuster Destructive Malware)(Citation: DOJ Lazarus Sony 2018) Instead of wiping specific disk structures or files, adversaries with destructive intent may wipe arbitrary portions of disk content. To wipe disk content, adversaries may acquire direct access to the hard drive in order to overwrite arbitrarily sized portions of disk with random data.(Citation: Novetta Blockbuster Destructive Malware) Adversaries have been observed leveraging third-party drivers like RawDisk to directly access disk content.(Citation: Novetta Blockbuster)(Citation: Novetta Blockbuster Destructive Malware) This behavior is distinct from Data Destruction because sections of the disk are erased instead of individual files. To maximize impact on the target organization in operations where network-wide availability interruption is the goal, malware used for wiping disk content may have worm-like features to propagate across a network by leveraging additional techniques like Valid Accounts, OS Credential Dumping, and SMB/Windows Admin Shares.(Citation: Novetta Blockbuster Destructive Malware)

ID: T1561.001
Относится к технике:  T1561
Тактика(-и): Impact
Платформы: Linux, macOS, Windows
Источники данных: Command: Command Execution, Drive: Drive Access, Drive: Drive Modification, Driver: Driver Load, Process: Process Creation
Тип влияния: Availability
Версия: 1.0
Дата создания: 20 Feb 2020
Последнее изменение: 28 Jul 2022

Примеры процедур

Название Описание

WhisperGate can overwrite sectors of a victim host's hard drive at periodic offsets.(Citation: Crowdstrike WhisperGate January 2022)(Citation: Cisco Ukraine Wipers January 2022)(Citation: Medium S2W WhisperGate January 2022)

Lazarus Group

Lazarus Group has used malware like WhiskeyAlfa to overwrite the first 64MB of every drive with a mix of static and random buffers. A similar process is then used to wipe content in logical drives and, finally, attempt to wipe every byte of every sector on every drive. WhiskeyBravo can be used to overwrite the first 4.9MB of physical drives. WhiskeyDelta can overwrite the first 132MB or 1.5MB of each drive with random data from heap memory.(Citation: Novetta Blockbuster Destructive Malware)


RawDisk has been used to directly access the hard disk to help overwrite arbitrarily sized portions of disk content.(Citation: Novetta Blockbuster Destructive Malware)


MegaCortex can wipe deleted data from all drives using cipher.exe.(Citation: IBM MegaCortex)


StoneDrill can wipe the accessible physical or logical drives of the infected machine.(Citation: Symantec Elfin Mar 2019)


HermeticWiper has the ability to corrupt disk partitions and obtain raw disk access to destroy data.(Citation: Crowdstrike DriveSlayer February 2022)(Citation: SentinelOne Hermetic Wiper February 2022)


Контрмера Описание
Data Backup

Take and store data backups from end user systems and critical servers. Ensure backup and storage systems are hardened and kept separate from the corporate network to prevent compromise.


Look for attempts to read/write to sensitive locations like the partition boot sector or BIOS parameter block/superblock. Monitor for direct access read/write attempts using the \\\\.\\ notation.(Citation: Microsoft Sysmon v6 May 2017) Monitor for unusual kernel driver installation activity.


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